Chamber of Scrolls

On the 29th of June 2015, I had an encounter in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep very well, so I tuned in to the spirit realm. I asked the Lord what He wanted show me. I became aware of an angel standing in the front yard. He carried a large presence around him. He stood almost three stories high. The atmosphere was charged and I was high in anticipation for what I would encounter next.

I was suddenly taken into a chamber that was full of scrolls, from floor to ceiling. There were alcoves around the chamber which were all filled with scrolls. Some scrolls were in pots, while others were sealed and sitting on shelves. I turned to ask Jesus what this room was all about.

He replied, "These are the scrolls of assignment and destiny that have been released to the Sons of God. But they have not been released through the Sons of God into the earth."


Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of what I saw. These scrolls had been commissioned by heaven and dispatched to the earth, only now they were sitting in this chamber awaiting the Sons of God to arise and deliver them to the earth. I knew that there were scrolls of destiny of individuals, nations, and continents. There were decrees for people's lives and decrees for specific situations. There were many assignments that had been asked for, but never activated.

I immediately knew that because He was telling me this, I had received an invitation to begin engaging and releasing these scrolls into the earth. As I looked around, I knew it was impossible. There were far too many scrolls and not enough Sons who were going in and out of the chamber. Only God could do this. With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

My heart was gripped with urgency at the implications of what I was seeing. How many people have not yet actively engaged their personal scroll of destiny? How many assignments have been unfinished or simply unstarted? Now I could understand why the earth is groaning under the yearning for the Sons of God to arise. Each of these scrolls represent the Father's will and desire for the earth. If they are not released through the Sons, then the earth has not seen it manifested.

As I stood in the chamber of scrolls, I was reminded of this dream I had dream in June. My grandma was showing me postcards which had been written years ago to different members of my family. They had been stamped, but they never got posted. She wanted me to have them. God was showing me that there have been assignments (postcards) which were written out and paid/prayed for (stamped), but never released or received. Because of my family bloodline, I was invited to take up these family assignments in the spirit.

I believe that each of the Sons of God have invitation to take up assignments. These assignments have been released to their family in the spirit, but never landed in someone's life to be released through them. God is inviting us to take on the impossible and release the assignments that our family have missed.

We are in a pivotal time where God is looking for those sons of God to rise up and release the scrolls that have been mandated to the earth. He is looking for those who will appropriate and administrate His plans and purposes in the earth