This is the Storeroom and these are the treasures of my heart which I have been comissioned to release so far. Be blessed and let the Father lead you through these treasures to find your own hidden gems of the Secret Places.




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Silence & Meditation

The art of Silence & Meditation is to "be still and know". In Psalms, David continuously uses the word "Selah" which essentially means the same thing, to pause and meditate.

A piano instrumental album, this is perfect for quiet prayer times or peaceful mood music to relax. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, each track carries the sounds of heavenly worship.

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I Am In You

This album is rich with encounters. Each of these songs was written from the secret place of encounter, with many of them coming directly from the music chambers of heaven. Each song holds its own revelation and encounter with the divine presence of God. Prepare to experience realms of heaven in ways you have not experienced before.

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Lord of This Land

These two songs were written especially for Australia. Lord Of This Land is a prophetic song of declaration over the land of Australia. This land belongs to God. The Big Story was written for an indigenous evangelism resource, teaching our indigenous people about God through story telling.

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40 Days in the Secret Place
Devotional Journal

This devotion is intended to enrich your personal quiet times with God and not for the faint hearted. Each of the devotions is filled with scriptures for you to meditate on. This is an invitation to immerse yourself in the Father’s heart towards you in ways you have not done. Your desire for more of God will take you deeper than you previously dared to go. It will lead you down the lesser trodden paths exploring the heart of the Father and how He sees you. As you embark on this journey, prepare to let God embrace the dangerously intimate places of your heart. Your life will never be the same again.

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Psalms in the Secret Place
Devotional Journal

David touched God's heart with his worship, passion and love. Over the past six years, Louise has had series of encounters with King David, as he taught her deeper truth concerning the ways of God. In this book, you will discover hidden keys, which in turn unlock bigger doors in the heavenly dimensions. You will begin to look at the psalms in a way you have not seen them before. This devotional journal will take you further into the Secret Place, one Psalm at a time.

Available 2017